Protect Your
Health with Insurance

Protect Your
Health with Insurance

Protect Your
Health with Insurance

Health Insurance

Health Insurance or Mediclaim as commonly know refers to protection that is provided to a policyholder as a cover against unexpected medical emergencies. Mediclaim policies are the best way to handle crisis situations like injury or illness at any age in life with ease.

Life Insurance

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Motor Insurance

A standard motor insurance or better known as a car insurance policy is usually the insurance coverage mandated by law to drive on the road. Thus, it primarily covers you against liability damages and unexpected repairs.

Business Insurance

Corporate insurance is insurance for a business. In fact, it is one of the most important investments a business owner can make, as it can be instrumental in protecting a business from potential loss caused by unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. This insurance can provide valuable protection against such things as theft, property damage, and liability.

Home Insurance

Home insurance, or house-owner/householder insurance as it is also known, is important, and you should purchase one. Be it a humble hut or a bungalow, rented or owned, it is advisable to insure your house and belongings to guard against unforeseen risks.

Travel Insurance

Securing every trip from business tour to family vacation, travel insurance is there to keep worries out and comfort inside your travel kit. No one wishes to blemish the exhilaration of their travelling trip and here is when this insurance acts like a barrier between your priceless experience and the unexpected mishappenings

About Us

Insurance Guru established in the year 2018 in Sikar by a team of professionals having a cumulative experience of 7 years in the Motor Insurance Industry, Life Insurance Industry, Health Insurance Industry, Term Life Insurance Industry, Whole life Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and all kinds of Insurance.

Now we are an organization with a team of 20+ employees. The Team is not only experienced but also professionally qualified in Health Insurance,General Insurance.

Why seek insurance?

  • Insurance provides security against risk and uncertainty.
  • It enables the insured to concentrate on his work without fear of loss due to risk and uncertainty.
  • The insurance policy can be mortgaged and funds raised in case of financial requirements.
  • It provides a sense of confidence when the owner is away from the asset.
  • Insurances provide a large and vast coverage. Now anything and everything can be protected.

Best insurances for everyone.

  • Excellent Service
  • Hassle Free Claim Settlement
  • Instant Policy issuance
  • Guranteed best Price
  • Multiple Option
  • Highly Professional Team

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