About Us

Insurance Guru established in the year 2018 in Sikar by a team of professionals having a cumulative experience of 7 years in the Motor Insurance Industry, Life Insurance Industry, Health Insurance Industry, Term Life Insurance Industry, Whole life Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and all kinds of Insurance.

Now we are an organization with a team of 20+ employees. The Team is not only experienced but also professionally qualified in Health Insurance,General Insurance.

We deal in health insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, travel insurance, Life Insurance and a whole lot of other insurance products. We work with the leading insurance companies like ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Allianz, Tata AIG, Religare,Reliance, Bharti AXA, Apollo Munich Health Insurance to name a few. Your present might be stable with your steady flow of income that is good enough to meet your family’s lifestyle needs. However, you may not be fully ready to deal with the contingencies in life. A health insurance safeguards your family from financial issues in the event of a serious illness or an unfortunate accident. Insurance helps you to save by reducing your expenses and avoid out of pocket payments for medical ailments like diabetes, cancer, dengue etc. It is also a great tax saving tool that helps you reduce your tax burden. You may be bothered about how much money you need to pay upfront for the insurance product, instead of understanding how much and what it can secure in the long run. The onset of a serious disease will affect other members in the family adversely. On top of that, if there is a financial crisis related to treatment costs etc., then the severity of problem increases manifold. Thus, a small premium paid regularly can help to waive off complex problems later in life. We understand the role of Health Insurance in any developing country. We deal in health insurance for people of all ages. We provide insurance for elderly also. We help our customers with the best Claim settlement process in time of Insurance claim and ensure a hassle free experience. We have some leading corporates in India who trust us for their asset insurance.

Why Health Insurance

With drastic changes in today’s lifestyle, health-related adversities are bound to happen no matter the precautions we take. And when such adversities strike, we undoubtedly are caught off guard most of the time. Partnering with Apna Health Insurance helps mitigate the impact of such eventualities. Our insurance experts will guide you in choosing the optimal Health Insurance plans that would not only cover medical costs but also take care of the related miscellaneous expenses.

Every individual should buy health insurance and for themselves and members of their family, based on their requirements. Buying health insurance protects individuals from the sudden, unexpected costs of hospitalization (or other covered health events, like critical illnesses) which would otherwise make a major dent into household savings. Each person is exposed to various health hazards and a medical emergency can strike anyone of us without any prior warning. Healthcare is increasingly expensive, with technological advancements, new procedures and more effective medicines that have also driven up the costs of healthcare. While these high treatment expenses may be beyond the reach of many, taking the security of health insurance is much more affordable.

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